SGP WGC Ranking List

Race 1 podium group

After an exciting 235.57 km race Geoff Brown won the day

1. UKG Geoff Brown JS1 TJ 18m 105.06 km/h 6
2. G1 Mak Ichikawa Ventus 3T 18m 103.28 km/h 4
3. ZZ David Pietsch JS1 TJ 18m 101.13 km/h 3
4. PT Pete Temple ASG 29 18m 95.68 km/h 2
5. V8 Matthew Atkinson Ventus 2cx 18m 94.75 km/h 2

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After Landing with Geoff Brown


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Race 1 podium Ichikawa

 Mak Ichikawa 2nd Place

Race 1 podium Pietsch

David Pietsch


The SGP competitors

Matthew Atkinson
Mak Ichikawa
Geoff Brown
Pete Temple
David Pietsch